Collaborating with organizations that share our goals and values


The Ilawan Volunteer and Leadership Center is a non-profit and non-stock organization whose main thrust is to render voluntary service as they journey with the Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines in pursuit for justice, peace, equity, and sustainable development.

Indigenous Peoples Leadership & Enterprise Development (IP LED) Academy

A leadership and capacity building program which hopes to strengthen the leadership potential and capacities of indigenous leaders across the Philippines. It employs a dynamic learning process through meaningful skills development, articulation of values and vision, and identification of current issues, challenges, and opportunities to create positive change and meaningful development in IP communities.


The Lands and Livelihood Program is a collaborative initiative with the Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines and Guatemala, Local Government Units, Assisi Development Foundation and Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples Education. It is being funded by the Global Affairs Canada, in partnership with the HOPE International Development Agency. The end goal of this initiative is to transform vulnerable and disadvantaged IP communities to become more sustainable and resilient by improving their access to sustainable agricultural livelihoods, potable water, sanitation, culture-based education, and women-led community enterprises. The products made through this partnership are marketed and sold at the AdvoCafe.

Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Education

The Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Education is an educational institution dedicated to the indigenous peoples in the Philippines. Its main thrust is to create culturally appropriate and relevant pathways of TRAINING and FORMATION for the indigenous children, youth, community leaders, and development workers. The Center hopes to produce graduates equipped with knowledge and abilities to initiate collaborative actions towards sustainable development of IP communities.


Gubataan is a learning journey by Ashoka that aims to activate young minds, hearts, and hands to practice unique powers that are highly valued now and more so into the future. With Gubataan, young people will learn about the natural world while also discovering their own changemaking powers to create good for all – using a combination of short videos; activities that are reflective, social, and creative; enriching conversations; and experiences with a food garden/forest, all grounded on the 12 Principles of Permaculture.”